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Import via EPROLO
With this feature you will be able to import bulk reviews from products in EPROLO, especially if you already dropship from it. To use this feature, you need to subscribe to at least the Basic plan ($9.99). View pricing.
First, you need to ensure that you already install 2 apps and the Chrome extension:
Log in to the EPROLO app and get your product list ready. LAI can only integrate the reviews for products that you imported from the Import Ali Product.
On My Products, select AliExpress and make sure the product list is ready. Then, click on the Import Reviews button.
This is the default import filter, please adjust it as you wish.
Rating: To import reviews with high/low ratings.
    Only 5 stars
    4 stars and up
    3 stars and up
    2 stars and up
    1 star and up
To make your product reviews seem more authentic, you can select reviews with low star ratings such as 1-2 stars
Country: To only get reviews from certain countries of your targeted customers.
Amount: The number of reviews you want to import. This also depends on the review quota you got on your current LAI plan.
Translate: The translation is provided by AliExpress, so please make sure to import reviews at least 2 weeks ago because AliExpress can not translate reviews over the last 7 days.
    Only reviews with photos: LAI will only get the reviews that contain photos
    Auto generate name: Reviews from AliExpress have a name format like this.
Here is the result:
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