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Import from Amazon
To import reviews from Amazon, you will need to install the LAI extension first
Go to LAI app > Import Reviews > Select Import from Amazon.

Step 1: Select a product

Step 2: Fill in the import filter

Amazon product link: Enter the link of the Amazon product you want to import from.
Quantity per import:
    Random quantity: Enter the minimum quantity and maximum quantity, then the LAI will decide on a random number of reviews for you. This helps your products seem to have more authentic review numbers. For example, not all products have 20 reviews.
    Fixed quantity: Enter a review number you wanted
Rating options:
    5 stars
    4 stars and up
    3 stars and up (default)
    2 stars and up
    1 star and up
Filter reviews:
    Only reviews with photos: LAI will only get the reviews that contain photo.
    Helpful votes: LAI will only get reviews that were voted as helpful.
    Avatars of reviews: LAI will only get reviews of reviewers with a profile picture.
Date range:
    Anytime (default)
    Exclude last 7 days
    This month
    Last 30 days
    Last 90 days
I want to select and edit reviews before importing: It is ticked by default. If you untick it, step 3 will be skipped.

Step 3: Preview and select the reviews

All reviews that meet your filters will be previewed here. You can select which reviews to import, remove or edit. Click “Approve all” to approve all reviews.
All approved reviews after importing will be published on your store immediately.
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