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Liquid files
When you install LAI AliExpress Reviews, the app will automatically add these below Liquid files to your theme:‌
1. reviews-importer.liquid file is added at the end of product.liquid file‌
2. reviews-importer-popup.liquid file is added at the end of theme.liquid file‌
3. reviews-importer.js file is added to reviews-importer-popup.liquid file‌
4. reviews-importer.css file is added to reviews-importer.liquid file‌
Please note that after you uninstall the app, these Liquid files are not automatically removed, so you need to do it manually.‌
However, if it is hard for you, you can ask us to remove Liquid codes for you and create a staff account for email [email protected] with access to Apps and Themes. For how to create a staff account please refer to this post. And please use this email when creating an account: [email protected]
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Last modified 7mo ago
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