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Pricing FAQs

1. Does the refund policy work for all premium plans?

The 14-day refund is only available for the highest plan - Advanced $14.99. We're willing to refund you within 14 days without questioning you further.

2. Can I get the refund before the trial ends?

If you start a free trial, the free trial begins before you are first charged, so there are no payments to be refunded.

3. Am I charged during the trial period?

You can have 14 days of trial for any premium plans. You will not be charged if you cancel your subscription before the trial ends. So, it's totally risk-free.

4. How can I cancel my subscription?

Please go to the Pricing tab, scroll down and click Downgrade.

5. How many trial days I have left if I already spent all 14 days?

For example, if you used 8 trial days for the Basic plan of $9.99. Next time if you try the Advanced plan of $14.99, you will have 6 trial days (because the total trial days is 14). To conclude, no matter how many times you try any premium plan, the total trial period is still 14. In case you already used up all the 14 days in one time, the next time we save 1 day for you.
To keep track of how many days you have left, you can see the message at the bottom of any page.
Last modified 3mo ago