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Widget text (translate)
Translate the widget text to your store language. The default is English.
With LAI Aliexpress Review app, you can translate the text of the review box into multiple languages. The text will automatically convert when you switch to a corresponding language.
From the Dashboard page, go to Settings > Widget text, and follow the instructions below:‌
Step 1: Select one language on your store for which you need to set the review box texts.‌
Click the Change app language button> Choose one language > click the Save button
Step 2: Fill texts in the corresponding fields‌
Finally, click the Save button in the top-right corner.‌
If you can't see the changes, follow our instructions below.
Note: Our app language and your theme language should be unified to make our app work.
For example, you want to set Portuguese for the display.
Step 1: Check your theme language:
From the Shopify homepage, Click your Online Store. You will see your theme, click Actions > Edit Languages.
Shopify theme language
Step 2: Check our app language:
From our app homepage, click to Settings > Widget text. Make sure our app language is Portuguese (Brazil). Some users set our app language Portuguese (Portugal), it won't work.
If you have any troubles, please contact us via [email protected] and we are always willing to support you!
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